Studies show that 
one of the most common barriers to the use of public transportation is an unfamiliarity with the system.

In response to this, communities have implemented “ambassador” programs where experienced riders show new residents “how” to plan a route, find the bus, etc.
We’re assuming the same is true of biking.

So that’s what we’re creating – we want to make bike commuting an accessible option for those looking to make the switch.

On the second Tuesday of each month we’ll meet the Scientific Aviation office (Boulder Municipal Airport) and we’ll provide pizza, socializing and a presentation.

New commuters will have the opportunity to meet and chat with seasoned riders to learn how they deal with the challenges of bike commuting, and hopefully come away with the confidence and tools to be a regular bike commuter.


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Boulder300: Speaker Series

Get to know biking  from the people
who know it best

Boulder300’s Bike Commuter Info Series, co-sponsored by Scientific Aviation and Boulder Municipal Airport, offers an opportunity for people to get to know bike commuting from the people who know it best. From scientists to bike shop owners to policy makers, we’re trying to make bike commuting more accessible than ever before.


How do you commute?

In the United States, commuting is a way of life. For many workers, car-based commuting takes precedence over other forms of transportation. However, with an eye towards sustainability, many people are opting in to lower-emissions methods of commuting.

Amongst these methods, bicycling has seen some of the greatest recent growth.

Bike commuting: the new normal

According to the League of American Bicyclists, bicycling in the US has increased by 62% from 2000 to 2013. In bicycle-friendly communities with trails, bike lanes and bicycle infrastructure, this number soars to 105%.